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If you need oral surgery, Kaivan Kiai, DDS, and the team at Encino Dental Esthetics have you covered. From their beautiful and modern clinic in Encino, California, Encino Dental Esthetics offers several oral surgery options, from bone grafts and sinus augmentations to extractions and dental implant placements. Schedule your oral surgery with the team today by calling the office or using the online tool to book a visit.

Oral Surgery Q & A

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery includes any surgical procedure performed on your oral tissues. While the word “surgery” makes many people think of lengthy hospital stays and general anesthesia, most oral surgeries are much less involved.

In many cases, your oral surgery will be performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia and will involve minimal-to-no downtime. Encino Dental Esthetics has an exceptional oral surgeon on the team who comes in to perform procedures in-office.

What oral surgeries do you offer?

Encino Dental Esthetics offers a variety of oral surgeries, including:


Whether you have a tooth damaged beyond repair or an impacted wisdom tooth, an extraction offers a solution. The oral surgeon at Encino Dental Esthetics uses localized anesthetic and state-of-the-art methods to make sure your extraction is safe, effective, and painless.

Dental implants

If you’re planning on replacing teeth with dental implants, you’ll need to have minor surgery to place them. Once embedded into your jawbone, your dental implant fuses with the bone tissue and functions just like an artificial tooth root, providing a sturdy foundation for a restoration. 

Bone grafting

A bone graft is a procedure to augment the amount of bone tissue in your jaw. It’s typically performed in preparation for placing dental implants, which require a substantial amount of bone tissue to properly function.

Your oral surgeon places grafting material in your jaw wherever you’re lacking in bone tissue. As you heal, the grafting material bonds to your bone and promotes the production of new bone material.

Sinus augmentation

If you need a bone graft in your upper jawbone towards the back of your mouth, you might need to have a sinus augmentation first. This is a procedure that lifts up the bottom of your sinus to make room for your oral surgeon to properly place your grafting material.

What happens during my oral surgery?

The specifics of your oral surgery vary depending on your particular treatment. The Encino Dental Esthetics team will prepare you with a detailed list of pre-operative instructions. These might include fasting or making arrangements to have somebody take you home from your procedure.

The team also provides you with specific aftercare instructions. Following these instructions will encourage your mouth to heal quickly, significantly reducing your recovery time.

Schedule your oral surgery with Encino Dental Esthetics today. Call the office or use the online tool to book your appointment today.