What You Don’t Expect When You’re Expecting!

According to the American Dental Association, pregnant women are faced with an increased risk of gingivitis and tooth decay. Another commonly reported issue is the presence of overgrowths of tissue in the mouth, which generally occur during the second trimester.

Gingivitis affects an estimated 60-75% of pregnant women, according to the CDC. Gingivitis is considered common in pregnancy because hormonal changes often trigger it. Keeping up with oral healthcare is highly suggested to avoid any serious issues.

Maintaining good at-home dental practices often becomes difficult during pregnancy due to sensitive gag reflexes, tender gums due to these hormonal changes, or general tiredness. Morning sickness can also deplete enamel, which leaves pregnant women prone to tooth decay. It is essential to check for cavities as mothers with high levels of untreated cavities more likely to pass on these oral health issues to their children.

Pregnant women are also often affected by overgrowth of tissue in the mouth caused by excess plaque. These growths can be tender, swollen, and uncomfortable and can often cause oral bleeding.

More frequent dental cleanings can help catch and treat these oral problems early. Remember – oral care is prenatal care! If you’re pregnant and have noticed any recent changes in your mouth, contact Encino Dental Esthetics today for a consultation. Dr. Kiai and his team will make sure any irregularity is treated efficiently so you can get your focus back to the things that matter most!





Kaivan Kiai DDS

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