Unpleasant Surprises!

Even the most prepared of us have to deal with unforeseen difficulties from time to time.


Emergency dental services are sought by people who have experienced accidents and injuries and people afflicted by dislodged fillings, broken, cracked, or chipped teeth, severe toothache, or cuts, tears, and abscesses in the mouth.


Mayo Clinic suggests that oral abscesses should be treated promptly to avoid complications such as infection or even sepsis, a life-threatening condition. Injuries and accidents also account for a large portion of emergency dental service appointments. According to the American Association of Endodontists, specialists in saving teeth, more than five million teeth are knocked out each year due to an injury or accident.


Luckily, emergency dentistry can help restore your smile and save you a headache.


Dr. Kiai and his team at Encino Dental Esthetics specialize in emergency dental care and are well equipped to guide you through these high-stress situations. Emergencies are not fun, but the team at Encino Dental Esthetics will accommodate same-day urgent services to ensure you receive prompt treatment.


Many dental conditions, especially broken or knocked-out teeth, are incredibly time-sensitive. The team at Encino Dental Esthetics will construct a treatment plan that addresses your particular needs so you can get back to your normal routine as soon as possible.


While accidents do happen, some dental emergencies, such as infection or abscesses, can be prevented by practicing oral hygiene and regularly attending dental exams and cleanings.


Book online for preventative care or emergency services at the Encino Dental Esthetics website. You can trust Dr. Kiai and his team to determine the treatment that’s right for you to keep your smile healthy, no matter what kinds of unpleasant surprises come your way.


Kaivan Kiai DDS

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