Missing teeth no more! Getting a tooth implant is easier than ever.

Why let your appearance hold you back any longer? Appearance isn’t everything; but it can affect your overall performance in the workplace, in your dating life, and in your overall feeling about yourself. Specifically for cosmetic reasons, many people opt to enhance and dramatically improve their existing smile by making the ultimate investment in themselves and their overall appearance by getting tooth implants. Tooth implants aka dental implants used to be an incredible financial reach for many people. Now, with a variety of payment options, dental implants can be something within reach for most people looking to improve their smile.


Complete your smile by replacing a missing tooth! Quit waiting for the perfect day to do it! Start now. Tooth implants are an incredibly positive addition to any existing smile for several reasons including the obvious cosmetic enhancement associated with completing a smile with missing teeth. Dental implants can replace formerly decaying, dead or unsightly teeth and create a long-term solution to dental hygiene and prosperity of dental health.


If you have a missing, decaying or cracked tooth that is beyond the normal repair, acquiring tooth implants may be the best solution to all your dental worries. At Encino Dental Esthetics, you are embarking on a journey that will ensure the livelihood of your teeth with long-term positive effects on the longevity of your appearance. Dr. Kiai and his staff will make sure you feel confident and comfortable in your journey toward improving your appearance and health.


Fusing dental implants with the existing structure of your jawbone will ensure the proper placement of the tooth based on its location in the mouth for a feeling of long-term security and confidence in your new smile. Placing yourself in the hands of an expert practitioner like Dr. Kiai will give you a feeling of confidence and calm in your decision to get tooth implants.


Dental implants can be a welcome alternative to getting dentures or bridgework that doesn’t fit well within the existing structure of the mouth. Plus, dentures can be a lot of work and don’t have the same feeling or effect of having permanent teeth like dental implants. Not to mention the fact that dentures can make a person feel older than desired. Who wants dentures?!


To find out more information on getting a tooth implant, feel free visit our website at https://www.encinodentalesthetics.com/ to find out more about completing your gorgeous smile.


At Encino Dental Esthetics,, Dr. Kiai ensures a high-quality experience through his exact precision and practiced care. If you’re looking to improve your smile and create a sparkling impression that lasts, Dr. Kiai can apply his studied knowledge of porcelain crowns to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Kaivan Kiai DDS

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