Intraoral Scanners: Next Gen Technology

Intraoral Scanners: Next Gen Technology

The iTero Scanner has revolutionized the dentistry industry with its innovative technology.

Gone are the days of gunky, pasty impressions taken with cold metal trays and weird-tasting goo. I’m sure we all remember selecting the cotton candy flavored paste as a kid when visiting the orthodontist to correct our crooked smile; but who wants to relive those torturous days of leaving your jaw open wide with a cold, metal tray wedged inside your mouth for what seemed like days, only having to redo it because you wiggled too much in the dentist’s chair?

Thanks to the revolutionary process of digitized scanning, the iTero Scanner offers a fast, effective way for dentists to lose the goo and get to business quickly and efficiently. The iTero Scanner is fast, efficient and showcases the necessary aspects of the mouth from a comprehensive view.

Some major perks of the iTero Scanner include:

  1. Rapid Scan
  2. Color Scan
  3. Autocalibration
  4. Comprehensive Restorative & Implant Workflows
  5. Chairside CAD & Milling Collaborations
  6. Expansive Global Laboratory Network
  7. TimeLapse Visualization
  8. Optimized Invisalign Integration
  9. Laptop Connectivity
  10. Next Generation Computing Power

In the 21st century, digital impressions have proven to be the superior choice in optimizing patient experience and impression effectiveness, streamlining the process of making dental impressions. Dental Products Report described how digital impression systems have changed the workflow for dentists in an impactful way.


Without a doubt, intraoral scanners have altered the dental landscape for the better. The iTero Scanner is just one of the leading forms of digital technology to improve the dentistry industry, making the experience for both client and practitioner much more efficient and enjoyable.


Dr. Kiai utilizes this state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a high-quality experience at both of his dental offices Encino Dental Esthetics and Westwood Dental Esthetics. If you’re one of thousands of people looking to improve your smile in a short amount of time, using the most high-end, high-tech equipment on the market with optimal care, Dr. Kiai can share the benefits of technology like the iTero Scanner in a fast, efficient manner. Visit Encino Dental Esthetics or Westwood Dental Esthetics to schedule your appointment today!

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