Cosmetic Veneers: Book Your Dream Job With A Perfect Smile

Check out the “Smile Gallery” on Dr. Kiai’s Encino Dental Esthetics website. You’ll notice a dramatic difference in the before and after pictures for patients who decided to take the plunge and make the investment in cosmetic veneers. Not surprisingly, veneers are one of the most in-demand treatments in the cosmetic dentistry and a superb method for dramatically improving the appearance of your smile! If you ever noticed actors flashing that perfect smile, nine times out of ten they’ve decided to invest in cosmetic veneers. What’s so exciting about the process is that you are able to redesign the appearance of your smile in just a minimal amount of time with the experience of experts like Dr. Kiai of Encino Dental Esthetics.

Using high-quality porcelain, Dr. Kiai bonds your veneers to your tooth’s surface, where they create a vision of absolute beauty and confidence immediately upon completion. Porcelain has a similar color and translucency as tooth enamel, creates a natural appearance, highlighting and illuminating the beauty of your smile.

In Los Angeles, you’re certain to give off an air of Hollywood prestige with your fresh look once you start flashing your new smile. George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Demi Moore are just a few celebrities who are well-known for their gorgeous cosmetic veneers. Check out the full list of the Top 15 Celebrities with Veneers for a fun read on cosmetic veneers.

Before going through the process of getting cosmetic veneers, Dr. Kiai and his staff will provide a thorough consultation, giving you the opportunity to design your smile the exact way you desire. Get started on your brand new smile today and schedule a visit with Dr. Kiai by calling Encino Dental Esthetics or booking an appointment online. Your fresh new smile will be getting calls from agents and managers in no time!

Kaivan Kiai DDS

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