8 Tips and Tricks for Oral Surgery Recovery

It is crucial to have a professional and experienced dental team you can trust. Fortunately, Dr. Kiai and his team at Encino Dental Esthetics will be able to provide clear and easy-to-follow instructions for your post-operative care and can walk you through any questions you might have. Following these eight tips and tricks for recovery can also help you resume your everyday life in no time!


  1. Coordinate transportation from the office to your house ahead of time.
  2. Refrain from smoking before the procedure and for at least 24 hours after the operation.
  3. Avoid foods that require chewing.
  4. Cut out any spicy and acidic foods which might cause irritation.
  5. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and hot beverages for at least 24 hours following the procedure.
  6. Do not use a straw for at least a week, as the suction can cause complications.
  7. Keep ice packs on hand to reduce swelling as needed.
  8. Make sure to clean your mouth as directed by your oral surgeon and follow any specific instructions for your particular case diligently.


Contact Encino Dental Esthetics for your dental procedures. Dr. Kiai and his team’s expertise will make you feel at ease. You’ll be back in action in no time!


Kaivan Kiai DDS

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